Moab has become the outdoor sports capital of the Southwestern United States. It is home to Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and a lot of public lands. Its beautiful and amazing scenery brings in thousands of tourists every year.

Moab has something for everyone. You can come here for the world-class mountain biking trails, to climb the old desert towers, to play in the Colorado River, or to go deep into a slot canyon.

So, when would be the best time to go on a Moab Utah vacation? Between April and November is the best time to visit Moab, Utah

Season with the most tourists

The season runs from Late March to Late Fall when the weather is predictable and pleasant. Moab also has other events that bring people there at different times of the year. “Creeksgiving” is an example of this. This is a group of climbers who meet in Moab during the week of Thanksgiving to camp and climb in Indian Creek, just south of town. Moab is where many college and university outdoor programs take students during Spring Break.

Around Easter, there is a nine-day Jeep gathering and expo, and every March and October, there is a mountain bike festival and a Moab lodging vacation rentals for campers.

What to expect from the weather in each season in Moab:

The most unpredictable time of year in Moab is spring. The nights are cold, so bring warm clothes if you’re going camping. When spring comes, the wind cools down on sunny, warm days. Rain is likely to happen in early Spring. When it rains in the spring, some trails get very muddy and are not good for mountain biking or off-roading.

The summer is hot and dry, but the nights generally get pretty cool, which is great for camping. In this high desert, you must wear sunscreen. Do bring large water containers that are easy to fill.

Fall in Moab is a lot of fun. Even though it’s not summer, the days are still warm. In the beginning of fall, the nights will be warmer, but in late October and November, they will get quite a bit cooler. If you want to do water sports, the best time of year will be late summer or early fall.

Moab has a pretty mild winter. When the sun is out, it can easily get up to 40 or 50 degrees during the day. Even though it doesn’t snow a lot, hiking in the winter might require spikes because snow can pack down on trails in the shade.

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