Moab and the surrounding area has been discovered in recent years by the rest of the world. This is a double edged sword. Gone are the days one pulls into a sleepy little town off the beaten path and has limited choices. 

Motels, hotels, and short term rentals have exploded in the area and in large part have lost the charm once found yesteryear. While it is impossible to turn time back, the Moab cabin remains an option for someone wanting to stay away from the hubbub of “town”. 

The cabin is 15 miles up the Sand flats road away from the center of town but a world away from the chaos that is now downtown Moab. Some folks are looking for exactly what modern Moab has to offer, cafes, motels, gas stations and curio shops on every corner. We appreciate the convenience associated with such growth in town but the Moab Cabin Rental is not designed for folks that want that. 

We are isolated from the activity of downtown, but close enough to enjoy the conveniences. the 15 miles takes about 45 minutes to drive but it is through world famous and unique vistas. Ascending through the red rocks of the valley floor up through the canyons, eventually passing through Aspen forests you will arrive at the cabin on the Wilson Mesa. 

The cabin has world class views of the LaSal mountain range, the Moab Rim, and Canyon Lands. You will enjoy the peace and quiet of a solitary cabin plot. Family and friends will interact with a view of nature unique to the Moab area. Vacations should be more than a motel room. Friendships should be more than a round of drinks at the local saloon. Come visit the Moab Cabin for a refreshing break from all the commotion of tourism spots. 

The Moab cabin has been providing guests with quiet peaceful stays since the early 2000’s and our guests are loyal returning for more visits as friends. We do not cater to the noisy party types and while we participate in activities of off road adventures, we keep the cabin separate in order to maintain that peaceful atmosphere. We ask that guests not off road within a half mile of the cabin and limit their footprint when staying at the cabin. We fully understand this undermines the bottom line of business but that is not our primary focus. We love and enjoy the outdoors, nature, and seek to share that experience with others. Our guests come with an understanding that the price of staying at the Moab cabin is less than market pricing but in return we ask for care and concern for the area when staying with us.   

You will not find a more beautiful setting than the best Cabin for rent in Moab, Utah. Rustic but modern. The private lane into the cabin is half a mile and a rock and dirt lane. We have smoothed it and installed culverts but all are advised high clearance vehicles are recommended. 

We invite you to come and enjoy a sunrise over the LaSals or a sunset over the Moab rim as seen from the deck of the cabin with your loved ones and friends. It is an experience of a lifetime. 

Moab Vacation cabin rentals are certainly not new but having one so close to world famous national and state parks is. 

Moab Utah is close to Arches National Park, Slick Rock park, Finns n things park, Deadhorse state park, LaSal Range and Aspen forests. The vacation cabin is within striking distance of all these parks. You can experience the thrill of each park and then relax in solitude at the cabin. 

What to Search For in a Cabin Rentals

We know you have options when it comes to accommodations, consequently, we offer something different. A modern relaxing cabin to  yourself when day is done.   

An indoor fireplace, an open-air deck, and an authentic log cabin feel are the most widely recognized attributes you’ll find at the Moab Cabin Rental. 

Nighttime is an experience unto itself at the cabin.

 Considered to be the darkest triangle of property in the lower 48 states of North America, you will witness the Milky Way like never before. To lie on your back in the meadow out front and stare up into the night sky is unique. You will feel as though you are falling into outer space as it’s depth and immensity is seen much like our pioneer ancestors saw it, but rarely seen today. 

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